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Visit Poland: 12,000 photos in this amazing video makes you want to go there now

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Tomasz Walczak produced an amazing flow motion video about visit Poland. This video took him almost 14 months to complete.

12,000 photos in this amazing video makes you want to visit Poland.

12,000 images were used to create this video. You will understand how much planning is required to execute this production after viewing it.

This video commemorates Poland’s 100th Independence Anniversary.

Visit Poland gear list

Here’s the list of the gear he used in the film (includes referral links which belongs to Tomasz):

  • Sony A6300 + Sigma MC11 adapter,
  • Panasonic GH4 + Metabones Speedbooster,
  • Phantom 3 Advanced,
  • Lenses: Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 18-35mm, Canon 18-55mm, Tamron 55-200mm, Sigma 150-600mm,
  • Gimbal: Moza Aircross > BUY HERE with a 5% discount code: TOMASZ
  • Tripods: Benro A2970F, Manfrotto Befree Live
  • Motion control equipement: Syrp Genie + 2x Genie Mini,
  • Syrp Magic Carpet 160cm slider
  • Feelworld Master MA5 on-camera monitor > BUY HERE 
  • Yongnuo 300 LED light
  • Underwater shot: A7S, 28-70mm lens, Meikon housing, Spider Rig

Excerpt from Tomasz

“I don’t like such counting, but I did it as it will be probably one of the most common questions: for the whole project I took ~12 000 pictures (just for the main video, excluding behind the scenes shots). And here’s why I don’t like promotiong the timelapse film with the number of pictures taken: it doesn’t mean anything. Or, on the other hand, the more picture you took the better? More pictures taken mean that you have to delete more of them. So, you took more bad shots? ?

I mean, let’s consider 2 minute video (at standard 25 frames per second). 2 minutes is 120 seconds, multiplied by 25 pictures per second equals 3000 pictures – this is the minimal number of pictures (frames) you need for that video. So let’s say that you’re promoting your  2 minutes video with a slogan, that you took 100 000 pictures for that. Always the first thing that comes to my head is “what happened to the other 97 000 pictures? It went to trash?”. Of course, for some things you need so many pictures.

So, as I said, the number of pictures taken for the project doesn’t mean anything, it won’t tell you whether the film is good or bad. I think it was suprising a few years back, when timelapse technique wasn’t such popular, not now, with cheap hard drives and everything . Sorry for that, I had to explain myself ?”

Project Stats

My first deadline for shooting was June 2018. I needed to get the sunrise in Gdańsk then and everything else could be taken before that. Of course it wasn’t that easy and the production took about 3 months longer. It’s good that I could edit the footage during that, because without already edited 90% of the film in September I don’t think I would finish it in 2018. And I really wanted to finish it before the 100th anniversary of the Polish Independence Day (11th November).  Here are some stats I was collecting during the project:

  • 14 months – time spent from the idea and planning to publication of the film
  • 20 shooting days between 21.10.2017 and 23.09.2018 (11 months)
  • 7500 km travelled across the country
  • countless hours of planning and post production ?

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