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Awesome Profiles: Hanan S Helme Al-Johary

Learn all about Hanan S Helme Al-Johary, a beauty influencer in Asia.

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Hanan S Helme Al-Johary
Hanan S Helme Al-Johary
Hanan S Helme Al-Johary
Hanan S Helme Al-Johary

Hanan S Helme Al-Johary is a beauty influencer in Asia.

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About Hanan S Helme Al-Johary

Wide and passionate eyes, Hanan S Helme Al-Johary, 24, owner of Quofic, too has a fair complexion that glows with her rosy-pink cheeks. As a Banking student at University of London (UOL) in Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and a model, Hanan remarkably maintains a work-life balance and officially launched Quofic in 2015.

When she first started out, she knew many of her friends are already having their own businesses selling hijabs, online Muslim clothing site and even having pop-up shops. Understanding what her competitors came from, she did not want to intensify the existent competition by selling the same thing, thus she decided to sell something different. The rising trends of young entrepreneurs did not back Hanan down to sell her homemade scented candles with Kufic quotes homemade and designed  by herself.

Quofic is a word play combining “quote” and “Kufic”. Kufic is the ancient calligraphic form of Arabic script commonly found in ancient copies of the Koran. Quotes or words of motivation, wisdom, and inspiration are presented in square Kufic on the candle.

There are different versions of the Quofic artwork. Ranging from Surahs, chapters in the Koran, and English quotes of motivation, inspiration and romance, both the Quranic and English quotes will be translated and crafted onto the square Kufic artworks. Each represented on different candles.

The idea behind Quofic is to act as a healing tool, combining the scent in the aromatic candles and reminders set in the quotes. She recalled an incident with her loved ones, where scented candles help them relax and sleep better. She relates her quotes deeply as they have helped greatly in her sombre days, “I hope for Quofic to make someone’s day just like it did for me.”

She believes that all natural is the best way to go along with a good and strong scent for her candles. Hanan S Helme Al-Johary did much research before she was able to produce the candle she sells today. She uses 100% soy wax and advice her customer to reuse their Quofic candle jar except for making another candle. She posted and sold her first candle which from then on gain popularity. She then started to teach her friends and contacts how she made her candle.   

Within less than a week, Hanan S Helme Al-Johary had her first pop-up store for Quofic at Singapore Expo during the Ramadan season. You may never know what opportunity might be pop around the corner. Quofic got lucky and is scouted by iCommerce Asia at their first pop-up.  Eventually launching her official Quofic Candle’s website and services, they found potential in Quofic and decided to work together.

Hanan S Helme Al-Johary described the most valuable and expensive asset to be time. An asset she could not buy nor sell, but go by as she pulls through to launch her Quofic candle. Between managing her suppliers, logistics, delivery, marketing and production of candles, time is an asset she could not control.

As 2017 approaches, Quofic indeed has future plans of expanding her range of scents and products – new scents, Kufic art and alcohol-free diffusers; just to name a few.

“You may have a million dollar idea with you, but you will never know what’s it’s worth unless you do it and make it happen,” said Hanan S Helme Al-Johary a young female entrepreneur set to learn much more through Quofic.

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